Philosophy-NWIP FUND

At Northwater, we invest more than money in a promising company. We invest ourselves.


The businesses in our IP Fund already have a competitive edge thanks to intellectual property and a significant market demand. We see this as just the starting point. By contributing our internal expertise and business contacts, we ensure that these fledgling businesses have the tools and resources they needed to soar high above the rest.


Our total involvement typically lasts for five to six years, during which time we partner with the management team to help the business grow into a stronger operation and do so in a profitable, legally compliant and sustainable fashion. We tap into our vast network to provide the right connections to help each company move to the next level and connect them with professionals who can assist in tax, governance, and management issues.


Our involvement adds enduring value and creates momentum, resulting in a strong and resilient portfolio of assets. The goal of the fund is the timely “for value” realization of its investments, through strategic sale, IPO, successful licensing, litigation, or receipt of royalty streams.

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