The wealth of the future lies, not only in commodities and assets, but in a resource that is far more powerful: the human mind.


Northwater’s Intellectual Property Funds capitalize on the riches produced by intellectual endeavour by investing in companies that have a competitive advantage due to their possession of copyrighted, patented, or trademarked material or trade secrets.


Intellectual property gives investee companies an exclusive right to cultivate their unique activity. It protects them from undue early competition thereby allowing them to focus on moving their company from insight to market success.


Northwater partners with these developing companies to help them get their voice heard. It provides financing, counsel and connectivity to speed their projects to market. It defends the rights of these companies to their protected space.


The Fund returns generated by these investee companies have had a low correlation to the performance of markets or indices, and therefore have avoided much of the systematic risk that plagues many other funds. Moreover, the Northwater IP Funds are able to significantly reduce company-specific risk through intensive diversification: the fund has a stake in many properties, distributed across different industry categories and geographies.

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